Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

When a deposit is paid towards an order, the rules, guidelines, and policies that are outlined in the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) of the site are agreed upon.
We encourage everyone to read over the section. Feel free to send us any questions that you may have, if you did not find an answer.

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Q:What is the $50 deposit for?
(outfit orders only, no beadwork)

A:     This deposit is non-refundable and this deposit serves as proof to us that you are serious about your custom order. The deposit is separate from the total due once the order is complete and it is used in part to cover cost of design time, design, and to purchase any materials needed to complete your order if we do not already carry the materials needed. The deposit also includes the costs of Shipping and Handling (US only). For international/Canada shipments, there will be a shipping quote given to you.
Also you must be honest about the size of the person you are ordering the beadwork for ie: if they are 5 years old but as tall as a 9 yr old you must let us know as there are different price ranges.

Q:What is required to get a Beading order started?
(Beadwork orders only)

A: We require that payment of half the cost of the item or items being ordered is received before we start on the order. NO ITEM WILL BE STARTED UNLESS A DEPOSIT IS RECEIVED - This deposit is non-refundable and this deposit serves as proof to us that you are serious about your custom order. The deposit is used in part to cover cost of design time, design, and to purchase any materials needed to complete your order if we do not already carry the materials needed. The deposit also serves as an agreement that you will pay the remaining balance due as your items are completed.If you don't pay a deposit for an after thought item then it isn't included in the work order. It will be treated as a separate order and will be put on the list of beading work orders....Also you must be honest about the size of the person you are ordering the beadwork for ie: if they are 5 years old but as tall as a 9 yr old you must let us know as there are different price ranges.

Q:Do you accept orders from Canada, and overseas and do you ship to Canada and over seas?
A: Yes! We accept International orders and orders from Canada and we will ship international and ship to Canada. However, due to the price difference in shipping, we have to add extra for the shipping. When the site says shipping is included, this is to the US only. Additional shipping may be required for other areas.

Q:Do You Accept Returns?
A: Due to the fact that most of the outfits and accessories (including plumes), we make are custom ordered with personal designs, colors, etc. We do not accept returns. However, if the item does not fit due to measuring errors on our part we will gladly accept a return of the outfit for adjustments. IF the item ordered does not fit due to error on your part we will not make another for you to replace the one that is wrong, nor will we refund the cost of the custom order. We will not refund custom ordered items or outfits if they have been worn or used.

Q:If I return something, will I get my full price back? And what if I want to cancel my order?
A: No, we only take returns if you need something adjusted...We do not give money back for returns- We will work with you to adjust anything that is an error on our part because we want our customers to be happy but we will not accept returns unless it is a very good reason-WE STAND BY OUR WORK 100% -if you cancel your order you still will have caused me to miss out on a possible order because they might not have wanted to wait ... all required deposits to start an order are final and non-refundable, this includes sewing order deposits ($50) and beadwork order deposits (half of total up front).

Q: Do you accept rush orders for outfits?
A: Yes! We accept rush sewing orders for an additional fee depending on what kind of outfit it is, size, and time frame... outfit quotes given through the website, email, or text are for the outfit only. If you need an order rushed we can provide that quote for you. We do not accept rush beading orders at this time.

Q:What would cause my order to be canceled or taken out of the line up??
A: This rarely happens.... but in the case that we can not reach you or your contact info is no longer accurate and you do not contact us about it and we have no way to hear from you or talk to you about your order status then we will cancel the order and when you do get in contact with us we will make arrangements for rearranging your order in the line up of work orders... Orders are binding contracts, once deposit is paid, between yourself and us, we will not allow outside parties ask us to get your order or order status. We reserve the right to protect our reputation as a reliable outfit source and will hold the right to cancel or place your order on hold.This is a business transaction and it must be dealt with between only the parties involved. Same cancellation policy applies.

Q: What kind of time frame will you give me for my order?
A: Time frame is dependent on a few things; when the deposit for your work order is received, custom order form is filled out, all required measurements are received. We cannot give specific dates or times when things will be completed or shipped... We will give an approximate amount of time needed to complete the order, but we are an active family that participates in powwows, and bear dances, and we do have things that need to be repaired or created .... also as parents of 4 children unexpected things occur...

Q:When will payment in full be due?
A:Payment is due in full up to 5 days after we notify you that your order is complete.If you cannot do this then we can work with you for a payment plan only if you are honest and email us right away....if we contact you and let you know we are done and that your balance is due but you do not respond to us within the allotted time then we reserve the right to re-coup our losses by selling the finished order and your order then moves to the back of our work order line up.... you will not get a refund- BY PLACING A DEPOSIT AND WORK ORDER WITH US YOU AGREE TO OUR BASIC RULES OF HOW WE OPERATE -

Q:What if I'm on a budget?
A:     You may use the Cultural Touch Lay-a-way Plan. There is a 60 day time limit. We will require 10% of total due to start the Lay-a-way Plan, and set an invoice for allowable partial payments once the 10% has been paid.
When your outfit is done you will receive an email, if you opt for the Lay-a-way Plan you have 60 days from the date of the email to pay for your item in full. Once the item is all paid for it will immediately be shipped to you. If you cancel a lay-a-way, we will recoup our losses by placing your outfit on the site for sale, you will not get a refund.

Q:What if I wasn't able to pay with in the 60 days?
A:     If you were unable to pay the amount due in the 60 time limit for the Lay-A-Way plan, you will loose your order. We will place your non paid order on our site for sale. If after 30 days the items ordered do not sell on our site we will put them up on ebay, fb, etc. to try to recover the amount it cost us in materials and time to make the items ordered.

Q:Is there any way to "snail mail" you an order and/or designs?
A:     Yes. You can send us your patterns and colors that you want through the mail. Please include the $50 non-refundable custom order fee for sewing orders and half up front non-refundable deposit for beading orders.

Q:What measurements would you need if I wanted a custom outfit?
A:     There are several measurements we would need to make a completely new custom outfit. We ask for these measurements so that way we know the outfit will be a perfect fit. You can find our measurements on our Measurements Page. We ask that you include all measurements asked for. If there is a problem or you are not sure where to measure contact us, we should be able to help you.

Q: What colors of ribbon are available to be put on my outfit?
A:     We have several colors available in the most popular sizes (1/4" and 3/8")for fringe. We have Single Face Satin, and gold and silver. You can view the color choices on our Ribbon Colors page.

Q:Is insurance for mailing the package included in the deposit as part of the S&H?
A:     No, as part of the S&H in the deposit we do provide confirmation tracking at no cost (US only). If you would also like to insure your package(Insurance is available to some international countries as well, we will let you know if insurance is available if you are ordering internationally), it is optional, and the cost Will range from $10.00-$75.00, depending on the cost of your order and the location it is being shipped to. Since insurance is optional we are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items once they are dropped off at the shipping location or shipped.

Q: What if an outfit doesn't fit because I gave you the wrong measurements, and how can I get you the right measurements?
A:     If the measuring error is on our part we will accept the returned outfit for adjustment. If you sent us the wrong measurements then you must complete a new custom order request with the deposit etc. As stated in our return policy due to outfits and items being a custom order we do not accept returns, nor do we provide refunds. (See our return policy above) To avoid measuring errors please go to our Measurements Page. and as accurately as possible get the measurements requested.
For moccasin orders we ask that you please fax us or mail in the foot tracing along with the other measurements needed for moccasins. This is needed due to the fact that every email attachment will print off differently from each computer. To solve this problem with moccasins not fitting we ask that you fax us the tracing and measurements to 435-781-1119

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions - whether it's about a specific outfit, a semi-custom outfit, ordering or whatever!


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