Dance Outfits

Cultural Touch offers custom designed dance outfits at reasonable prices. We have streamlined the outfits area. You will find outfit types and what is offered as a basic outfit in each section below. Outfits can be cotton, satin, sequin dot or a combination of the three. The designs can be as complex or as simple as you like.
The basic outfits and accessories listed below are all cloth.
No basic outfit comes with beadwork. If you would like specific prices for beaded pieces, please use the contact form to the right, and we will email you more information.
If you would like to see examples of outfits we have done in the past, please visit the Photos section.
No order will be started until the required deposit is received.

When a deposit is paid towards an order, the rules, guidelines, and policies that are outlined in the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) of the site are agreed upon.
We encourage everyone to read over the section. Feel free to send us any questions that you may have, if you did not find an answer.

Outfit Types:

Fancy Shawl

Each outfit consists of a cape, shawl and skirt, unless otherwise noted.
The cape, skirt and shawl are made specifically to measurements from the customer.
Type of fabrics, extra long fringe (over 18") will add to the overall cost.
Substituting a full dress in place of a skirt will add to the cost

Grass/ Fancy/ Chicken

Grass Dance Outfits: Consist of a Cape, front and back aprons, side drops, cuffs,and sweatpants. Fringes will be yarn, ribbon or a combination of both.
Fancy Dance Outfits: Consist of a Cape, front and back aprons, side drops, cuffs,and a headband. Fringes ribbon.
Chicken Outfits: Cape, Front & Back Aprons, Cuffs, Armbands, Legbands and a Headband.

Jingle Dress

Jingle Dresses come in different styles. Traditional and Contemporary. We usually try to accommodate where we can.


We can make most of the traditional outfits that are seen at pow wows. Some are traditional outfits that are specific to a certain area or tribe, if this is the case for you, let us know and we can work with you.
Men's & Boys Northern Traditional Outfits: usually consist of a Vest, Front and Back Flaps, Side drops, and Cuffs.
Woman's & Girls Outfits: you'll find Sorthern Style T-dresses, Northern 2 piece dresses, and Ribbon Dresses in cottons and other materials.
Points to remember:
*None of the female outfits are fringed*
*Mens/boys outfits are fringed in ribbon unless otherwise specified.*
**Men's leather fringe is $200 regardless of size**
**Woman's leather fringe will have to be quoted, based on length**
Extra long fringe (over 18") will add to the overall cost.


Shawls come in the standard sizes. We usually try to accommodate larger,taller,or shorter customers where we can. For a more accurate fit of your shawl, please be sure to include arm span measurement, this measurement will be squared.
We also offer the trendy "cheater" shawls or "half" shawls.
Extra long fringe (over 18") will add to the overall cost.


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Shipping Services

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